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Do you wish to record a song, an EP or an album? Simple guitar and vocal, a rock band or a string orchestra? A good recording is important for a great final result and I can help find the sound for your project. I am based in Tromsø, Norway, and do most of the recordings at Kysten Studio, but I am also willing to travel to your location.


A good recording deserves a great mix. A professional result is important in order to give the listener the best possible experience. Have you recorded something at home, but are struggling to get to sound like your inspirations? Whether you have been in the studio with me or recorded on your own I will do the mix for you, and help you get the best out of your songs.

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Mastering is the final step in the chain before your project is ready for release. Where mixing is putting together several sound sources to make one song, mastering is putting together several songs to make an EP or an album.

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Live sound

Playing a gig and need someone to do sound? Whether it is a small café or a larger venue, good sound is important for the people that is on stage as well as out in the audience. I have experience from several venues in Tromsø and will help you with both rigging before and after the concert, as well as doing the sound.


Recording / Mixing / Mastering / Live sound

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